Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Internship during January at Aurora Pharmaceuticals in Northfield

Employer: Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC

Job Type: Internship - Full-Time

Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC, is a veterinary pharmaceutical company located in Northfield, Minnesota. Our 65,000 square-foot facility houses a two-floor production and manufacturing area, a microbiology lab, two quality control laboratories, and a full warehouse. Since our inception in 2010, we have received FDA approval for a new drug product (Equisul-SDT) and have submitted two additional products for FDA approval in 2016. Our commitment to farmers and animal health, when combined with our location in rural Northfield, and our continued dedication to support the local community, make us a unique and thriving pharmaceutical company.  www.aurorapharmaceutical.com

Internship or Job Opportunity

Internship goals:

·       Observe daily routines of working analytical laboratory,

·       Gain further knowledge of the communication, teamwork, and training needed in the field of pharmaceuticals

·       Gain understanding of the government regulations and safety in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industry

Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC, provides an opportunity for chemical safety research for one (1) St. Olaf Student intern centered on chemical evaluation and the safety of those chemicals in our facility. The student intern will spend time working with a variety of chemists, quality assurance personnel, and company managers, but will also be expected to work independently researching and drawing conclusions on numerous toxic and non-toxic chemicals. 

The student’s main project will be the evaluation of all raw materials and finished products in our facility. Each material will be assessed based on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and other scientific resources, and classified into a toxicity category. Upon determination of toxicity, review of necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for each material will be determined (i.e. face shields, respirators, nitrile-free gloves, etc.) and documented in a formal assessment. The student will then update all relevant records and documents following all government documentation regulations and Aurora policies and procedures. Project will be extremely important in keeping employees safe during all stages of sample and raw material handling and for the company when addressing
internal and external audits for material formal assessments.  

Intern will work at Aurora Pharmaceutical’s facility, approximately 40 hours a week, for 4 weeks depending on completion of project. 


·       Sophomore, Junior or Senior with strong academic record

·       Strong research and analytical abilities, ability to extend knowledge and skills to the topic at hand and to conceptualize and frame relevant questions

·       Strength in balancing multiple tasks and while understanding how all tasks interrelate

·       Evidence of effectiveness working independently, demonstrated self-starter

·       Learns quickly

·       Ability to interact well with all kinds of people

·       Proficiency with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.)
Preferred candidates will take for academic credit.
Compensation Paid – $12/hour

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