Friday, May 28, 2010 Best Places to Work (Industry)

New England Biolabs
Ipswich, MA

Wyatt Technology
Santa Barbara, CA

Infinity Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA

Otsuka Maryland Medicinal Labs

Rockville, MD

St. Louis, MO

PTC Therapeutics
South Plainfield, NJ

Dow AgroSciences
Indianapolis, IN

Pioneer Hi-Bred: A DuPont Business
Johnston, IA

Integrated DNA Technologies
Coralville, IA

Abbott Laboratories
Abbott Park, IL

Gaithersburg, MD

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA

Dynport Vaccine Company
Frederick, MD

Quintiles Laboratories
Durham, NC

So. San Francisco, CA

Thousand Oaks, CA

Basel, Switzerland

New York, NY

Pharma Deerfield, IL

London, UK

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals
The Woodlands, TX

Winston-Salem, NC

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Tarrytown, NY

EMD Serono/Merck Serono
Rockland, MA

Whitehouse Station, NJ

Eli Lilly
Indianapolis, Indiana

Basel, Switzerland

St. Louis, MO

Glaxo Smith Kline
Middlesex, UK

Bridgewater, NJ

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today - Presentations on Literature of Green Chemistry

Come hear what your peers in Chem 390 B: Literature of Green Chemistry did for their final projects. TODAY! Tuesday, 2 - 3:30 pm in RNS 390. There will be three short seminar-like presentations during this time. In the coming days, we will send out a link to the Google Sites they have created for their projects.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

St Olaf Summer Research Position - Synthetic Chemistry

Are you still looking for a Summer Research position? Do you want to work on a synthetic project? The chemistry department has up to two additional summer research positions in Sythetic Chemistry.

Peter Gittins: New Methods in Dendrimer Synthesis
The current focus of my research work is the synthesis of dendritic polymers and their application in macromolecular engineering of bio-inspired systems. These highly branched tree-like molecules have potential in diverse applications, from health related fields such as drug/gene delivery, bio-materials and artificial blood to catalysis, hazardous material recovery and light-harvesting. I'm currently interested in developing new methodologies to synthesize unsymmetrical dendrimers and molecular recognition using hyperbranched polymers.

This a great opportunity for students who want to develop their synthetic chemistry skills and ideally have completed the organic chemistry sequence. If this sound interesting to you please contact me to arrange a time you could come discuss this opportunity in more detail.
(RNS 332 Ext. 3071)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring 2010 Senior Banquet and Awards Night May 4, 2009

The Departmental Service Award: The Chemistry Faculty honor graduating students who have served the department in outstanding ways. Each honored student receives a certificate and an ACS beaker mug filled with jelly beans.

Hannah Sinnwell
Andrea Henkel
Lauren Henke
Susan Johnson
Stephanie Athman
Christopher Roberts
Ryan Vink
Matt Roe
Jessica Norman
Jacob Nelson
Kate Forsythe

Academic Achievement Awards: Three students have distinguished themselves among chemistry majors in maintaining an impressive grade point average during their college years. In recognition of the talent, dedication and commitment required to achieve this, the chemistry department wishes to recognize them with an Academic Achievement Award. As a way of recognizing this accomplishment student is presented with a certificate, a Black and Gold Graduation Cord, and a St. Olaf Pen.
This Years Academic Achievement Awards went to:

James Checco
Jonathan Davick
Kris Elbein
Kate Helmich
Ryan Hoel
Anna Larson
Jacob Nelson
Micheal Marty
Joseph McDevitt
Ben Meyer
Kendra Passow
Chris Roberts
Lauren Seline
Bryant Torkelson
Brian Tolly
Andrea Henkel
Marija Lum

Courtland and Ellen Agre, in 1981, gave money to be used as senior awards to the highest-ranking student going on in medicine and the highest-ranking student going on to graduate school in chemistry. This year's recipients of this prestigious award were:

(Medical school) Joseph McDevitt
(Graduate school) Anna Larson

Merck Awards: Merck & Co., Inc sponsors this award. The Awardee receives an inscribed copy of the latest Merck Index. The Merck Award is given to a high-ranking chemistry major.

This year's recipients were: Bryant Torkelson and Sarah Lebens.

The American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award: This award is sponsored by the American Institute of Chemists and honors a graduate who has a demonstrated record of ability, leadership, and professional promise. A certificate and a one-year membership in the AIC are awarded.

This year's recipient was Sarah Cable.

The 2010 Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry: The award consists of a personalized certificate and souvenir item.  Also, each month the award recipient will receive an email from Analytical Chemistry with highlights from the journal, especially the news and feature sections. The winner also received an ASC mug filled with jelly beans.

This year's recipient was Michael Marty.

The HyperCube Scholar Award: HyperCube, Inc. donates a copy of their chemical modeling software package "HyperChem" to be awarded to an interested and talented molecular modeling chemistry major.
This year's recipient was Julio Lopaz.

Chemistry department faculty member Robert Hanson has donated a signed edition of his book "Molecular Origami" to a student going on in K-12 education.

This year’s recipient was Laura Kauffman.

Doughnut Award: This award is given each year to the graduating senior who has attended the most departmental seminars over the courses of their junior and senior years, as measured by signing the seminar attendance book. The winner receives a certificate and, appropriately, a dozen doughnuts.

This year's recipient was Ryan Vink.