Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Research Seminar Extravaganza!

Summer Research Seminar Extravaganza
Thursday Sept. 20th
Black Ballroom

Learn about the experiences of summer research students, earn up to two (yes two!) seminar credits and enjoy a meal in the company of fellow students and chemistry faculty.  All years, majors, non-majors, friends and family are welcome to join us at this event.  Come for all, come for some, pass the word.


Greta Bauer "Vying for position: Identifying proteins whose localization to lipid droplets is altered by the expression of perilipin 2." 

Andrew Rudd “Lipid Droplets: Understanding How the Body Stores Excess Fat”

Allison Brandt "Freshwater Algae as a Source for Biofuel." 


Following the initial talks we will go to Stav and bring our caf trays back to the Black Ballroom to share a meal together.


Sean Dai " Exploring the Space of Specific RNA Binding Sequence of PUF Domain "

Ben Arbeiter “Determination of Dipolar Couplings for Di-Substituted Ethanes in Lyotropic Solution for Use in Observing Dihedral Angles!”

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