Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chemistry Students! Welcome Back to Campus!

September is upon us and the Chemistry Department is fired up and ready to go.  We had a great summer that included lots of research, summer school classes/labs and travel.  Here are the latest reports in absolutely no particular order:

Prof. Hanson started his term as department chair and traveled to the North Shore;
Prof. Walczak taught Analytical Chemistry in the first summer term and now heads off for a much-deserved sabbatical leave;
Prof. Pearson returned to summer term organic after a year away;
Prof. Gittins taught summer labs in June and then departed for his new position as a clinical professor at the University of St. Thomas;
Prof. Terrell (biochemistry specialty) joined the department fresh from a Ph. D. earned at Univ. Texas-Austin and stepped right onto the summer 254 lab program;
Prof. Klein led a summer research group and relocated to a new tenure-track position at UW-LaCrosse;
Prof. Jackson returned from Australia, and will dive back into Analytical Chem and continue as Chair of the Environmental Studies department;
Prof. Chojnacki departed for a new position as an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas;
Prof. Beussman, after a research-filled summer, returns for another year as the department's Associate Chair of Curriculum;
Prof. Muth led about 47 different research projects this summer (well, maybe I exaggerate a bit) and takes the reins of the CH/BI program this fall;
Prof. Listenberger started the summer traveling and ended the summer with an active research group;
Prof. Abdella broke no bones this summer...and was kept busy with the Chem 121 lab manual, the introductory textbook, and an exotic vacation to southern MN/northern IA;
Prof. Schwinefus led a busy summer research effort and looks forward to a fall full of physical chemistry;
Prof. Marlier led an exciting research effort, developed or re-wrote several level one labs, and finally relaxed (phew!) in Seattle;
Prof. Kalyani led a busy research crew and returns to the Chem 247 classroom and 253 lab this fall;
Prof. Roberts returns to us after a summer away and will teach Chem 121 for a change of pace;
R. Gibbons (biochemistry graduate student, Mayo Graduate School) joins the department to teach a Chem 121 lab and a Chem 125 lab;
Prof. Miessler re-enters the department milieu to rest up after a nose-to-the-grindstone sabbatical leave (edit! edit! edit!);
Prof. Fogarty (physical biochemistry specialty) began job hunting right when we decided we needed another faculty member and the rest, as they say, is history.

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