Thursday, May 19, 2011

Student Work Opportunities

Students who have applied for chemistry department student work positions for next fall will soon hear whether or not we were able to match them to a position. At this time, there are several positions for which there are no viable applicants (already had a job, didn't have proper pre-requisites, etc.) We can hire students without work awards for these if there are no other suitable applicants. Please contact Karen Renneke ( if you are interested, whether or not you have a work award.

CHBI 125 A Lab Assistant 8:00-11:00 Th (FILLED)
Chem 125 C Lab Assistant 11:45-2:45 T
Chem 253 C Lab Assistant 8:00-11:00 T
Chem 256 B Lab Assistant 1:20-5:20 T
Chem 357 A Lab Assistant 1:20-5:20 T
Chem 373 Lab Assistant 1:20-5:20 T

CHBI 125 Paper Grader flexible hours (FILLED)
Chem 125 Paper Grader flexible hours (FILLED)
Chem 255 Paper Grader flexible hours (FILLED)

Fourth floor stockroom Monday afternoons (need to have taken Chem 255/256 already)

Third floor stockroom window Mon 11:50-3:00
Third floor stockroom window Wed 12:00-3:00

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