Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chemistry Department Makes Awards to Graduating Seniors

The annual banquet for senior chemistry majors, faculty and staff was held recently and several awards were given out:

The winners of the Agre Awards were Steven Braun (heading off to Japan on a Fulbright scholarship, followed by graduate school) and Ajay Madhavan (heading off to medical school at U of MN or Mayo).

Several students won Academic Achievement awards: Karen Bieraugel, Laura Bond, Steven Braun, Greg Carlson, James Clark, Bogdan Conrad, Ellen Daugherty, Terin Euerle, Catherine Holm, Ajay Madhavan, Erin McAllister, Brett Morris, and Rachel Powell.

Several industry/organization-sponsored awards were handed out:
The Merck Awards: Laura Bond and Brett Morris
The CRC Award: Ian Gunsolus
The HyperCube Scholar Award: James Jaffe
The Analytical Chemistry Award: Nicholas Parker
The American Institute of Chemists Award: Haley Phillips

Two students going on in science education were awarded copies of Bob Hanson's book Molecular Origami: Zachary Hudson and Laura McDaniels. This is a book that provides patterns for making accurate scaled-up models of a variety of chemical molecules by folding paper.

Two students tied for the coveted "Doughnut Award," which is given to the student(s) who attend the largest number of department seminars during their junior and senior years; James Jaffe and Haley Phillips both attended 27!

Several students were honored for their outstanding service to the department over their time at St. Olaf: Karen Bieraugel, Alise Carlson, Terin Euerle, James Jaffe, Jessica Johnson, Garvey Liu, Erin McAllister, Nick Parker, Haley Phillips, Rachel Powell, Jennifer Sandahl, Sarah Steinmetz.

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