Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Segetis - MN Green Chemistry Moves into Production Mode

A few weeks ago I attended a day-long conference in Minneapolis organized by the Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum. There attendees from Minnesota industries, academia, government organizations and non-profits learned how green chemistry is progressing in the state. One presenter, Cora Liebig, talked about a relative newcomer to Minnesota industry, Segetis, Inc. The four-year old company uses a set of Levulinic ketals, derived from biological materials, to make cleaning solvents or coupling agents in liquid formulations. By using this same base material the company also produces effective plasticizers for a range of plastics, can make polyols for polyurethane materials; and can extend the materials for applications as polyester thermosets or thermoplastics. See the recent Star Tribune article about the new partnership between Segetis and Method Products or check out their web site.

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