Monday, December 9, 2013

Illinois Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

We are happy to announce the fourth year of the Illinois Research Experience for Undergraduates program, with support from NSF and the 3M Foundation. I write now to invite you to urge students to apply to come to Urbana to do summer research. We particularly seek students who have not previously conducted research, are members of underrepresented groups (including women), or are first-generation college attendees. Students who have completed coursework at the sophomore to junior level by June 1, 2014 are our intended scholarship recipients. Because of high demand for our program in prior years, neither post-freshman nor mid-year seniors will receive consideration so that the “playing field” is level.

School of Chemical Sciences
61 Roger Adams Laboratory, Box 48, MC-712
600 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801


The scholarship provides:
$5,000 stipend for a ten-week stay in our department
Housing at Europa House in Urbana, within walking distance of the School of Chemical Sciences and the rest of the campus plus $500 to support travel to and return from Urbana
$ 800 for subsistence

You may use any process you find appropriate for selecting students we might consider, but we do require that students have at least two semesters of organic chemistry lecture and laboratory. They should also be inclined to pursue graduate studies in chemistry. Application may be made at the website For detailed information about the research areas of individual faculty members, please see
Please have students apply as soon as possible. Applications received by February 16, 2014 will receive full consideration. Given heavy demand for our program, files incomplete at 11:59 PM on the closing date will not be kept open for consideration.

Alexander Scheeline
Professor of Chemistry. Emeritus

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