Friday, April 13, 2012

Chemistry Seminars on Saturday!

Here is some updated information on the chemistry seminars on Saturday. We will meet in RNS 390 a few minutes before 1:00. There will be five distinction seminars through the next couple of hours. Signing the seminar book prior to 1:00 will be worth 1 seminar. There will be a short (10 min) break for cookies/conversation/stretching after the first set of talks. After the break there will be another round of sign-in for the remaining seminars, also worth 1 seminar. A bonus seminar credit will be awarded to any student staying for the entire mini-symposium (all five distinction seminars, both sign-ins).

Remember, there will be three more distinction seminars on Wednesday evening starting at about 7:00. More information to come (Hint: plan on dinner with the chem faculty...bring your tray to the designated ballroom at about 5:15!)

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