Monday, February 6, 2012

An Employment Opportunity for Recent Grads: Elite Medical Scribe

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a healthcare provider? Working as a medical scribe provides a first hand opportunity to work with a physician in the medical field. We are currently seeking college students or recent graduates in your area who have future aspirations to enter the medical field. While employed as a medical scribe, you will be working with physicians to expedite patient care. The scribe is responsible for accompanying the physician during the examination and transcribing the patient’s history and physical exam. Scribes gain valuable experience working in a medical setting which will benefit them in their future career as a health care provider. We have both part-­time openings (approximately 24 hours/week) and full‐time openings (approximately 36-­40 hours/week) available in the emergency department and various clinical specialties in Owatonna, Minnesota. Starting wage is $9.50/hour. Qualified candidates will be detail‐oriented, will have a mastery of the English language, excellent verbal/written communication, and strong observation and listening skills. All applicants must plan to pursue a future career as a health care provider (such as a PA, NP, MD, or DO), and either be in the process of or have completed the prerequisite coursework. Applicant’s majors may be from a broad range including biology and chemistry. Knowledge of medical terminology is a plus. Applicants must be adaptive and flexible to a variety of situations and must strive to be constantly improving their knowledge and usefulness. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit our website ( and submit an application and resume. Please contact our Scribe Program Director, Rachael Carter, at with any questions!

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