Saturday, December 11, 2010

WinField Solutions Internship Available

Students: Here is some information about the internship that our seminar speaker spoke about on Friday afternoon. The full announcement is available by clicking on the title of this blog.

This position is an on-the-job training
program for someone who is attending
college and planning to pursue an agricultural
career after graduation. It will provide the
Intern with a better understanding of
agribusiness and R&D, while helping them
develop skills that will make them a more
desirable candidate to hire into an agronomy
position upon graduation.

This intern will assist in:

· Creating prototype products for new
product concepts

· Creating samples for field testing

· Troubleshooting problems in production
and processing

· Evaluating new manufacturing processes

· Evaluating product performance of both
proprietary and competitive products

· Maintaining ingredient and finished product

We are looking for someone working on any
chemistry degree program, preferably a
senior undergraduate, who is intersted in
working during the Spring semester.

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