Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WebWatch sites from BioTechniques magazine

Here are some of the web sites being promoted in the current issue of BioTechniques magazine. Lots of great info:

The Fooducate Blog Educate yourself about what you eat.

Organic Chemistry Information A University of Wisconsin site covering reactions, data, spectroscopy, organometallics, nomenclature, compounds, techniques, and other links.

This Week in Science Podcasts Internet radio podcasts on a huge variety of science topics from the northern lights to robotic world domination.

Global Healthmap Type in a disease and see a map showing its occurrences in the world. Can click on "Alerts from the last 3 days" to see dengue fever, measles, and salmonella news (as of 7/14). Also available "Oil Spill Related Alerts."

Everything to Know about Hummingbirds One click info source on these pleasant little hovercrafts.

Be careful: These sites comprise an infinite time-sink for some of us!

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