Thursday, May 13, 2010

St Olaf Summer Research Position - Synthetic Chemistry

Are you still looking for a Summer Research position? Do you want to work on a synthetic project? The chemistry department has up to two additional summer research positions in Sythetic Chemistry.

Peter Gittins: New Methods in Dendrimer Synthesis
The current focus of my research work is the synthesis of dendritic polymers and their application in macromolecular engineering of bio-inspired systems. These highly branched tree-like molecules have potential in diverse applications, from health related fields such as drug/gene delivery, bio-materials and artificial blood to catalysis, hazardous material recovery and light-harvesting. I'm currently interested in developing new methodologies to synthesize unsymmetrical dendrimers and molecular recognition using hyperbranched polymers.

This a great opportunity for students who want to develop their synthetic chemistry skills and ideally have completed the organic chemistry sequence. If this sound interesting to you please contact me to arrange a time you could come discuss this opportunity in more detail.
(RNS 332 Ext. 3071)

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