Thursday, September 24, 2009

Special Opportunity in Forensics!

If you've always wanted to be the victim of a brutal crime (and who hasn't?), apply to be a dead person for the Forensic Science course this spring. Dr. Abdella is looking for someone to play the part of a murder victim in a staged crime scene. Expect to be sketched, photographed, and gaped at. It would be fantastic if you were interested in lab assisting for Forensics and/or in planning the types of evidence that should be found at the crime scene. But, remember, we can't really have a pool of blood on the floor of Regent's Hall! If you have good ideas on how to mimic such evidence, see Dr. Abdella! Priority will be given to students with the following interests/experiences:

has completed Analytical Chemistry (Chem 255 and 256)
interested in being a lab assistant for Forensic Science lab this spring
available Monday afternoons 2:00-5:00 for Forensic Science lab
available Tuesday afternoon, February 16 approximately 1:20-2:45 to be dead
interest in forensic science as a career

Email Dr. Abdella ( to apply for this position...and yes, we realize that some of you may not be able to commit to particular time slots in the spring term until AFTER registration! But, we can do some planning now and hope that it works out!

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